I am not okay.

My whole flesh is already tired of my silent cries every night.

I'm emotionally wrecked because of people who I embraced when they actually had torns. I once or twice questioned God why do I need to experience all of these and now I'm spiritually lost.

I am not okay. I am reflecting everything that I did before and clearly, it was my fault. It was my fault to show efforts to people who wouldn't appreciate it. I showed affection to people who I thought had the same attachment as mine. It was my fault to tell God how I was happy and thankful for these people. I am not okay, I'm telling you. And I don't know when will I be okay. But the lessons that I've learned from the wrong people will surely help me to conquer every tiny bits of pain and every aches that my body screams. I am not okay today because yesterday was my fault but I know, tomorrow will never be the same. I will be okay. I will be happy. I'm claiming it! And I know I deserve it and you deserve it too. Let's be hopeful together.

✍🏻: Roselle Mendoza Manangan

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