How to un-love someone you still deeply in love?

I wish there's an easier way to unloved someone, cause if that's the case, I'd do anything to have it in a snap. Some will tell us to cry until it hurts no more, but it doesn't really stop the hurting, right? Maybe it will be lessened, but to completely put an end to the pain, it will take too much of our effort.

We have to control ourselves and think that we are strong to endure what we are feeling — it's a mind over matter, I guess. We have to believe in ourselves that we can surpass this heartache. Even if the thought of getting out of bed every single day makes our knees weak and head hurt. Even if the thought of having to go back to your regular routine without that one person who used to be constant is no longer apart of the equation. Those thoughts are okay — it's part of the process, it's part of our healing.

Little by little, we will be okay. Eventually, we will see how good we are able to hold it together when all we want to do is break down and crumble. There’s going to be a day that our tears will turn into happy tears from laughing with our loved ones until our stomach hurts and we can no longer see out of our eyes — not from the pain that person gave us. We were able to get through the fire and come out with some scars, but gladly, we made it. We will be so proud for getting up and continuing to go out into the world instead of letting the world close us in.

Because after all, we are worth it — that even on our toughest days where we want to give up, we still deserve the world and nothing less. The earth is still moving. Our life is still happening. And we will be okay.

Author: Addison Calvo

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